Other Services We Offer

We also offer expertise in the following areas to our customers:

Corporate Export Management

We manage export operations for certain of our manufacturers and producers (including those overseas) so that they can focus on what they do best! Our export management operations are mostly on exclusive basis and involves working closely with our manufacturers and producers on the development and implementation of an export strategy; seeking and appointing agents and distributors in the appropriate markets; and handling all aspects of the sale the products, including shipping, documentation and collections.

Importing Services

We import needed materials for our customers, including raw materials and supplies for production processes. Our importing services include locating alternative foreign sources, negotiating import terms and conditions with overseas manufacturers, and handling all appropriate documentation and delivery of merchandise to customer’s designated locations.

Product Sourcing & U. S. Purchasing Services

We assist various customers around the world in sourcing needed products in the United States or overseas; whether the arrangement is for a single transaction or standing order for multiple deliveries. We are able to effectively source products for our customers or become their purchasing agents because of our worldwide alliances with manufacturers and producers that enable us to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Multiple Shipments’ Consolidation

With access to several of our freight forwarders’ warehouses around the United States, our customers can consolidate multiple shipments, including shipments from other suppliers, saving on freight charges for deliveries to them. We assist our customers in consolidating multiple shipments in our continued effort to deliver the best quality products at the most competitive prices.